Urban Studies

I`m currently participating in the international ThinkTank – Ideal City of the 21st Century, which is organized by the Leuphana University in Germany. Teachers are Saskia Sassen, Scott Lash, Daniel Libeskind, Beate Sontgens, Timon Beyes, Bart Brands, Avner de-Shalit, Gerd Folkers, John Beard, among others.

“The Leuphana ThinkTank is Leuphana Digital School´s pilot project. Led by architect and Leuphana professor Daniel Libeskind, the ThinkTank sets out to provide a completely new kind of learning experience. Designed as a cost- and barrier-free academic course for collaborative web-based learning, it gives you the chance to team up with participants from across the world. Thus, the ThinkTank invites you to creatively interact with peers and scholars alike. Any interested global citizen can join and work on an ‘Ideal City of the 21st Century’ – not by sitting in on long lectures, but by actively participating and exploring the platform. Our team of lecturers – leading scholars and world-renowned experts – guides you on your journey.

Participants of ‘ThinkTank – Ideal City of the 21st Century’ formulate their version of an ideal city by completing six consecutive assignments in their team:

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